Monday, August 2, 2010

First Birthday Party - LadyBug extravaganza!!!

My little one recently celebrated her first birthday! I figure soon she'll be picking the theme to her parties (princesses, dora, etc) so I took this opportunity to pick a theme that I could run with. You know I love to plan parties!!

After designing a lady bug invitation for a friends baby shower and she did not pick it as the final design. I knew I had to create the lady bug invitation for Emma's birthday and the Ladybug theme was born!!

Here is the invitation I sent out:

You can buy these invitations in my Etsy shop here:

I had it in my head that I would create most of the paper decorations myself and try to get most of the other party items from Etsy.  I then got crazy busy and ended up relying on wonderful Etsy artists for most everything!


The top banner "Happy Birthday" Banner was made by: Expressions by Devin
I made the photo banner of Emma with one photo from each month of the year and used
scalloped circles with ladybugs and the month that were created by: Ciao Bambino

Emma's highchair was decorated with a personalized banner also by: Expressions by Devin

Expressions by Devin also made the flowers that I used for the centerpieces. 
I got the little tin pails at Michaels and adorned them with ribbon and a custom sticker from 

These stickers were great and I used them on the party favors and cups as well. 
Made by The Art of Joy

I had a lady bug basket made by Baskets by Elaina and placed the utensils in it.

The Snoop Dog

I even decorated my dog! 
Snoopy got his very own lady bug collar just for the event

(he really is excited!)

There were also many items I got from Etsy that I forgot to take pictures of but I don't want to leave them out. Here they all are:

I got a custom crown for Emma (which she refused to wear! :( ) Made by Two Little BluebirdsLadybug Felt Crown -- RESERVED  for happyhoundcreative

I got this cute Onesie by Knitty Bitty Apparel  for her to wear for part of the party:
(I forgot to take pictures of her in it but it was so cute on!)

KNITTY BITTY LADYBUG ONESIE------coordinates with knit hat

The little girls at the party got these clippies made by in their goody buckets
Made by: 2darncute
Private Listing for Happyhoundcreative

Thank You Cards

I put these customized matchbook favors in all of the Thank You Cards

I designed the Thank You Cards using Clip art 

And put a custom Address label (similar to the one listed below) made by The Art Of Joy on the envelopes:

(Please note I blurred out my return address a little)

So there you have it! 
The party was a wonderful success and I can't thank the other artists involved enough!!!!

I have put together a treasury as well including the above artists - be sure to check it out and leave some love!!

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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Cool - An Award!

See what happens when you don't check in for a bit! You get an award! I should really be getting an award for neglecting my blog but this is a neat award from Wickkett over at Bow Wow Pets! Thanks so much!

Accepting the Pink Award does not end here. There are a few wonderful rules to accepting the award and they are as follows:

Thank and link back to the person that gave you the award. Share 7 things about your self. Pass the award to 9 fellow bloggers that inspire you. Let them know about the award. :-)

7 Things about me...
1. I love football!!! I participate in fantasy football and devote my Sunday's in the Fall/early Winter to watching my Broncos! I can't WAIT for football to start back up!!

2. I was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Some people think that is a different country.
3.I have a thing for animals - especially dogs and will usually cry at sad and even happy stories about dogs!
4. I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up
5. I have a craft room and it is a complete disaster. Didn't someone say that Einstein was surrounded by a huge mess all the time!?
6.I am currently a domestic engineer and it is by far the hardest job I have ever had......and the most rewarding!
7. I LOVE beer! And I don't drink it to get drunk, I enjoy a good beer. I like to discover new brands and flavors.

And here are the 9 bloggers I'm passing it on to: (not in any particular order)


1. Sookie's Pit Bull Paradise

2. Capricorn Soap Company

3. Stockannette

4. Diary of a Beer Goddess

5. Creative Momma

6. The T Shirt Lady

7. Catch A Star Creations

8. Two Little Bluebirds

9. Creative Living 101

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