Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Hearts me Tuesday!

I haven't blogged for a week - but it's a good thing because I'm busy creating and will soon have a bunch to share!

I am excited about Todays featured artist - The Loose Leaf

I stumbled on The Loose Leaf in an etsy chat room. I like to visit the chat rooms because it's like window shopping, everyone can show off thier work and I usually end of buying something! I was just getting ready to do some Googling because I felt like I wasn't producing enough milk to feed my 5 month old. 

The Loose Leaf makes tea with a purpose!!!

 From The Loose Leaf shop,  "Enjoy each cup knowing you are getting optimal health benefits, with an uplifting, soothing taste. The Loose Leaf can make any custom blend, just e mail us with health questions and we can make you a delicious tea blend to help."

I personally purchased the "Organic Mother's Milk" to help produce more milk naturally! The tea is so good and has been very helpful with my little problem! I highly recommend any of the teas and can't wait to try more.

Here are just some of the teas that The Loose Leaf offers:

(which I am buying for my mom! :) )

The Loose Leaf will also make custom blends, you can convo The Loose Leaf with health questions and she can make a custom blend just for you.

Check out The Loose Leaf's shop for more wonderful Tea blends and try them out for yourself!!! Teas run between $8 - $9 and come in a sleek black canister with about 15-20 cups worth of tea (GREAT PRICE) or you can get a set of 4 teas for $34 (wink wink Santa Claus!)

Hope you enjoy The Loose Leaf

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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Hearts Me Tuesday

I am still on cloud nine after last nights wonderful events with the sneak attack!!

Today's featured etsy shop is in honor of my favorite pup - Snoopy! :)

Furry Paws Boutique

Furry Paws specilizes in wonderful dog and cat collars and leads!

Here are a few of my favorites:

And Snoopy's personal favorite:

Furry Paws has excellent quality collars at great prices and there is such a wide selection to make your puppy or kitty look stylish!! Check out Furry Paws today!

And for more Furry Paws on the web:


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Monday, October 19, 2009

I've been Sneak Attacked!!!

So there is this wonderful group of people on Etsy who perform what is called Sneak Attacks on Etsy stores that have had very little sales. Each monday at 7pm eastern time a store (or more) is picked by the Etsian who is sponsoring the attack. The shops that are being sneak attacked are announced on the Sneak Attack website, facebook, twitter and a forum on etsy. Then a whole bunch of people bombard the choosen shops and buy something! They put "Sneak Attack" in the sellers remarks and whoever is sponsoring the attack lets the choosen shop know that they are being attacked.

I thought this was such an amazing idea when I heard about it. What a great way to support fellow artists!! I've participated in several attacks, buying neat items for the shops but I never EVER imagined that I would be picked for an attack.

Well tonight at about 7:15 I remebered that it was Sneak Attack Monday so I checked to see what stores were picked and to my complete surprise I saw my shop!

I was completely surprised and am so very thankful to all of the wonderful Etsy people who take part in the attacks and who have purchase something from my shop for the attack!!  I don't think I can Thank You all enough!!

I am especially grateful to stockannette who was the sponser of tonights attack! Snoopy and I Thank you so much for choosing us!!

We are Happy Hounds tonight for sure!!

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Thursday, October 15, 2009

EtsyNJ Street Team: Yummy Candy Corn

Check out all the cute candy corn! Including mine! :)

EtsyNJ Street Team: Yummy Candy Corn Pin It Now!

Bridal Shower Invitations for a Ballet Dancer

I was recently contacted by a customer who wanted bridal shower invitations for a Ballet Dancer.
I created the following samples with the ballet theme in mind:

Gate fold with ballet slippers

Inside the gate fold

Shelby style with pink satin ribbon

Inside the Shelby style invitation

Flat Card with Ribbon at the top

And the winning design:

Small brown satin ribbon and 3D ballet slippers on the outside

The inside

I really enjoyed making these!!
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Monday, October 12, 2009

"Hearts me" Tuesday

Today's  Etsy  featured seller is ........

The Tote Trove

The Tote Trove is full of fun jewlery and cute handpainted totes!!

Here are a few of my favorites from this shop:

Cute stuff, great prices!
Please check out the mentioned store and support the wonderful artists on Etsy. Pin It Now!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

I've been dieing to share.....

So one of my major projects over the past couple of months has also been the one I am most proud of to date!

I was contacted by a couple getting married in December 2009. Thier wedding color is a scarlet red and they have a snowflake theme.

I made thier Save the Date cards using a red and white theme. A nice picture of them was printed on magnets and the magnet slid off the card for guests to keep the magnent on thier fridge.

And then on to the wedding invites themselves! They wanted the popular Pocket Fold design. I am so proud of how they came out and I don't know if my crappy pictures will do them justice but here they are.

The outside - a pretty silver snowflake seal was used to close up the Pocketfold

Inside with the inserts

Invite, Response Card and Reception Card

Reception Card

Response Card

These photos just don't do justice to how beautiful the invitations really came out. I'm going to take better pictures before posting them to my website and facebook but I really just could not wait to share!!

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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Look Out Martha!

I subscribe to Martha Stewarts daily wedding tips email. Each day I recieve a little email that gives me several cute ideas for weddings from Martha.

Well today's idea was for a placecard that doubled as a luggage tag. Cute idea, I thought, but Martha I am WAY ahead of you and you better look out, I might take over. (LOL!)

Here is Martha's Luggage tag placecard:

And here are mine

My luggage tags are actually Save the Dates but I could just as easily make placecards that double as luggage tags just as Martha has done in today's tip.

My tags are currently for sale in my Etsy shop for $1 a piece and I can do any color or color combination that you can imagine!
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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

"Hearts Me" Tuesday

I know I mentioned before how much I love Etsy but I just want to say it again. There are so many wonderful people who have so many talents.

As part of this new blog stucture I am going to feature another Etsy artist every Tuesday - but there's a catch - the artist that I feature has added Happy Hound Creative as one of their favorites - or in Etsy language that other artist "Hearts me"!

So for the first edition I am going to start with the very first Etsy shop to heart me -

Simply Doodles!!

Simply Doodles creates the cutest custom banners for Etsy shops or other websites. Here are couple of my favorites from Simply Doodles shop:

Cute Purple Butterfly Banner

Pink and Purple Dragonfly banner

Super cute scarecrow banner!

Simply Doodles has a second Etsy store: http://www.simplyshay.etsy.com/  that features some beautiful vintage and handmade jewlery! Some of my favs:

Not only does SimplyDoodles have great stuff the prices are excellent.
Please check out the two mentioned stores and support the wonderful artists on Etsy.

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Friday, October 2, 2009

Halloween and Fall Themed Items

Check out my cute Pumpkin and Candy Corn note cards!

All for sale at my Etsy shop!
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Thursday, October 1, 2009

A few of my favorites

Since all my old blog posts are gone and I had a very busy summer - I thought I'd so a little photo recap of some of my favorite creations from Spring/Summer 2009:

Someone on Etsy Alchemy was looking for pinon from NM
I was happy to share and packaged it up really cute
with a card that I made  - "with love from New Mexico"

I desgined these cute Bridal shower invitations
for some really nice people who came to me by
a friends referral.

I made tons of cute note cards just waiting to be personalized!
Some are currently listed on Etsy!

I designed custom chocolate candy bar wrappers for
a 5th Birthday party (crummy pictures!)

My baby sister turned 16 and I had the pleasure of making these
gorgeous pink and black invites for her party!

 I designed these cute Thank You cards for a charity event.
Currently for sale on Etsy!

My favorite note card of the summer!

Sent out a ton of these Thank You cards!

And my favorite part of this summer the birth of my
daughter - Emma Grace!
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