Thursday, September 9, 2010

A Lovey for my Lovey...

One thing I received a ton of at my Baby Shower was blankets! Emma has more blankets than she will ever use.  The thing about these blankets is that they are all so big - I wanted her to have something that she could carry around - kind of like Linus.

So (after seeing a beautiful and soft full sized blanket that she made) I asked my wonderful Etsy friend and Sneaker Just for the Shell of It if she could make a "Lovey" for my Emma.

I am so glad I did.....

Want one for your Lovey?
She has some full size blankies and a few lovey's in her shop!

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  1. Oh, how sweet is Emma! I'm so glad that she really, really likes it! Shell

  2. These are the sweetest pictures ever!

  3. No wonder they call them Loveys! Emma looks so happy with hers, and it looks like she loves cuddling it. Go Linus!


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