Thursday, October 28, 2010

Custom Work for Castle!

I love it when someone contacts me and asks if I can make something special for them!
Just recently - this awesome soap company Castleco asked if I could do some made to order cards for her holiday packaging! I was thrilled to take on the challenge! She gave me a basic idea of some categories that the cards could fit in (IE: Gift for boss, etc) and I ran with it.  I came up with several designs and sent her pictures of everything giving her the option to choose what she liked best!

These are mini cards that fit into 2.5 x 2.5 envelopes that were included in the package -
Here's what she got:

She also asked if I could design a business card envelope, that she could put her business card, a thank you note and a soap care instruction card in. What a great idea!! This is what I made for her:

Since I made several little card designs for her to choose from the following extra's are listed in my shop:

I plan on making more little cards like this for the Holidays- so stay tuned and if you have an idea let me know - I love the challenge!! 

Oh and PS: Check out Castleco - Castle Company Soaps for some great soaps!! 

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