Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Random Acts of Kindness - Thank you my Friends!!!

After I lost my job, I set up a shop on to start something that I was passionate about! Making paper goods, stationary, party invitations, etc. One big part of Etsy that a lot of people don't understand is that it is not only an online marketplace for people who sell handmade goods - it is also a community! I found this out right away as I discovered a group of people who devote themselves to something called a "Sneak Attack". I was fascinated by the concept - every Monday and Thursday night several new Etsy shops (with 0-4) sales are selected and announced on a website ( The shops would then get many visits, item hearts and purchases. What an amazing thing to do for someone else who is just starting out! I was hooked from the beginning!! 

The thing about this group is that they are the kindest, dedicated, open hearted, caring, creative and loving group of people I have never met! We have established a great friendship and support system and I've never met any of them in person. Modern day technology is amazing this way!!! 

That being said, my friends, sent me a virtual baby shower in a box today! I am so thankful for such thoughtful, loving and talented friends. I can't thank you enough for all of the gifts as well as the kindness, support and friendship you have all blessed me with!  I love every single item each and every one of you has sent.

Since you all couldn't be here in person to see me open the gifts, I took photos with my laptop, the lighting is great and some things are backwards - but I hope you enjoy as much as I did! 

Oh and PS: there were a few things for Emma, she is sleeping right now but will enjoy her gifts when she wakes up and I will share her photos too! Blogger Templates

Awesome book for Emma to read to baby from Stock.

Sweet cloth book and a New Baby book for Emma from Joy.

Handprint kit from Bitty

Owl hat from Bitty - Bitty did you make?? Emma got the most adorable froggy one from Bitty too - I have to post pics.

Super soft and adorable hat from Summer.

Knit hat from ET!

Lollypop - the candy part is a bib and the stick is a spoon - from Ros!

Bouquet of washcloths from Ros!

Cute little Ducky gift bag with booties and a little blankie inside from Lorkey!

Gorgeous blanket from Virginia!!!

One of UU's super soft receiving blankets!!

Ipood from Ros! :)

Set of 3 burp clothes, super fluffy and soft!!

Cute ones with bib from Shell (if it's a girl)

Sweet book for Baby and a new baby book for Emma.

Sweet upcycled sweatshirt bags - Snail for me and owl for Emma! From Sandi

Custom Pendant from Bead - with Baby details! :)

I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE everything thank you all so very much!!!!!!! Pin It Now!

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  1. Your entire bunch of HappyHounds means the world to us! We love you and cannot WAIT to meet the latest Sneaky baby!

    P.S. Aren't the bouquet and lollipop so completely charming you can hardly stand it?! I was secretly hoping they might not fit in the box! Hahahhahaaaaa! Plus, I'm glad I didn't knit that baby a hat yet, because ET's is so sweet!


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