Monday, July 9, 2012

Ice Cream Party!

So my daughter celebrated her 3rd birthday earlier this summer and I had such a great time with her Ice Cream themed party!!

The photos I took of everything aren't the greatest but I hope you get an idea of how cute it all turned out! 

I forgot to take photos of the Ice Cream shaped invitations that came out so adorable (hey I have a 5 month old!) but promise to print out a sample and share some photos here!

I made these really cute Ice Cream circles that I hung from the light in my kitchen. I was so amazed at how adorable it turned out.

I had a blast creating a Banner and garland. 

Big Happy 3rd Birthday Banner in pink, white and brown with 3-D ice cream

And this adorable pink, brown and cream 3-D Ice Cream garland

One of my favorite parts of planning parties is the Goody bags! I really enjoyed making and finding all of the items for the kids goody bags. 

I used pink bags with white handles that I got at party city and added a custom sticker:

The girls got handmade headbands. 
I glued and wrapped white ribbon around a plastic headband and glued 
Ice Cream appliqué that I got from DesignsbyDMK on Etsy. 

The boys (only 2 of them) got these adorable books from Amazon

Everyone got 

These amazing wonderful delicious handmade cookies that I found from
CookieXchange on Etsy 

I made custom coloring books and included a small box of crayons:


We had an Ice Cream Shaped piñata and played pin the cherry on the ice cream cone. 
The kids all made their own ice cream sundae's and I provided tons of toppings. 

Emma had such a wonderful 3rd Birthday and I enjoyed planning it!! 

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  1. You forgot to mention the DOGGIE goodie bags!! Everrything was SO CUTE!!


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