Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Hearts me Tuesday!

I haven't blogged for a week - but it's a good thing because I'm busy creating and will soon have a bunch to share!

I am excited about Todays featured artist - The Loose Leaf

I stumbled on The Loose Leaf in an etsy chat room. I like to visit the chat rooms because it's like window shopping, everyone can show off thier work and I usually end of buying something! I was just getting ready to do some Googling because I felt like I wasn't producing enough milk to feed my 5 month old. 

The Loose Leaf makes tea with a purpose!!!

 From The Loose Leaf shop,  "Enjoy each cup knowing you are getting optimal health benefits, with an uplifting, soothing taste. The Loose Leaf can make any custom blend, just e mail us with health questions and we can make you a delicious tea blend to help."

I personally purchased the "Organic Mother's Milk" to help produce more milk naturally! The tea is so good and has been very helpful with my little problem! I highly recommend any of the teas and can't wait to try more.

Here are just some of the teas that The Loose Leaf offers:

(which I am buying for my mom! :) )

The Loose Leaf will also make custom blends, you can convo The Loose Leaf with health questions and she can make a custom blend just for you.

Check out The Loose Leaf's shop for more wonderful Tea blends and try them out for yourself!!! Teas run between $8 - $9 and come in a sleek black canister with about 15-20 cups worth of tea (GREAT PRICE) or you can get a set of 4 teas for $34 (wink wink Santa Claus!)

Hope you enjoy The Loose Leaf

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  1. wow!! Thank you so much for the post and I'm so glad you love the tea and that it's working it's little magic on you!


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