Monday, October 19, 2009

I've been Sneak Attacked!!!

So there is this wonderful group of people on Etsy who perform what is called Sneak Attacks on Etsy stores that have had very little sales. Each monday at 7pm eastern time a store (or more) is picked by the Etsian who is sponsoring the attack. The shops that are being sneak attacked are announced on the Sneak Attack website, facebook, twitter and a forum on etsy. Then a whole bunch of people bombard the choosen shops and buy something! They put "Sneak Attack" in the sellers remarks and whoever is sponsoring the attack lets the choosen shop know that they are being attacked.

I thought this was such an amazing idea when I heard about it. What a great way to support fellow artists!! I've participated in several attacks, buying neat items for the shops but I never EVER imagined that I would be picked for an attack.

Well tonight at about 7:15 I remebered that it was Sneak Attack Monday so I checked to see what stores were picked and to my complete surprise I saw my shop!

I was completely surprised and am so very thankful to all of the wonderful Etsy people who take part in the attacks and who have purchase something from my shop for the attack!!  I don't think I can Thank You all enough!!

I am especially grateful to stockannette who was the sponser of tonights attack! Snoopy and I Thank you so much for choosing us!!

We are Happy Hounds tonight for sure!!

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  1. Glad you were surprised and had fun! Congrats on your attack!


  2. We were all as surprised as you! ha ha ha!



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