Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Team Tuesday - A little something from each of them

Not only am I a member of fabulous ETSY NJ street team but I am also am a Sneak Attack Supporter and just a few days ago, I was invited to join Etsy Beagles team. Now, since I have a beagle of my own and have been a long time beagle lover, I couldn't resist joining up with this team to. For Team Tuesday this week, (and probably for the rest of the Team Tuesdays) I'd like ETSYNJ to meet Sneak Attack Peeps to meet Beagle Team!! Let the LOVE fest begin........

Meet PurpleLicious from ETSY NJ - she makes cute headbands, belts, keychains and hair accessories like:
Headband - Heidi Grace Floral Butterfly Ladybug Fabric - Girls Size
Meet Catch-a-star Creations a Sneak Attack Supporter and check out her beauties like:

Monarch 3D Butterfly Sundrop Suncatcher

Meet kookyhandbags  from The Etsy Beagles Team - she invited me to come join them and she makes the cutest bags like: 
Mimi bag  (personalised ballerina tote bag)
Hope you had as much fun meeting these people and checking out their fun shops as I did! :)

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  1. Very cool shops! I have ordered things from Purplelicious in the past, she has a great shop and does great work.

  2. Wonderful shoppes! Love Purplelicious ~ great shoppe! :D

  3. Thanks a big bunch for featuring my bags! And we're happy to have you on the Etsy Beagles Team Kirby and Snoopy!


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