Friday, February 26, 2010

Fabulous Fun Friday Favorites!!

Happy Friday - you know what this means - more favorites!!!

Favorite purchase of the week:

I have been meaning to buy those disposable place-mats for when we are out to eat in public and I want to put something down for my daughter to eat off of and I ran across this on Etsy.

What a super idea!!! I got it in the mail yesterday and I couldn't be happier - it fits in my diaper bag nicely and I can reuse it so it's eco friendly!

And while you are there you should check out the adorable shoes, bibs and hair accessories by sewingsparklz

Favorite place to get funny cards:

Have you seen the cards by GoodGosh??

Love them all - here are just a few:

CRACK KILLS greeting card

WHAT THE HELL humorous greeting card

MEDICATED AND MOTIVATED humorous greeting card

Favorite Song (right now):

I have a million favorite songs but right now I am enjoying Jammin by Mr. Bob Marley - it helps to play really loud and imagine myself being kissed by the sun on some hot beach instead of stuck in my house for the second day straight while the snow piles up outside.

Favorite Blog I follow:

I just discovered this wonderful blog this week and highly recommend it:

"Accessories - Clothing - Home Decor & More"

Favorite Twit:

(can I call someone on Tweeter a Twit or does it sound like I am being mean to her?) Verve darling you are not a Twit literally you are someone who tweets and I enjoy the tweet out of you! :)

Tune in next Friday for more of my Fabulous Fun Friday Fav's and have a great weekend!

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  1. The pictures are a hoot and the placemat is awesome, I will def go check them out. Thanks for stopping by today it is great to meet you, I am following :)

  2. The ol' ball 'n chain calls herself a twit so it's totally ok. :D

  3. Oh, so Verve is a twit, huh? Well I guess if her hubby can say that - it's ok...

  4. teehhhheeeeee! I think that the official title for a twitterer should be Twit;} OH, and for some reason, I thought I was already following the puppy trail, but now I really am... I am a Twit! ;}

  5. I just love you, Kirby!! I'm going to find a really cool way to describe your brain, which supercool kind of zombies it would best satisfy, and tweet all about it! Just don't tell Emma about it until she's at least four. She'll be mature enough by then to get my humor. Really and truly- you are the sweetest!! :)


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