Monday, February 15, 2010

Fun with Evidence Tags!

My sneak team members and I recently participated in a challenge sponsored by, who sent the following  studio prop police evidence tags to a group of Etsy artists who wanted to participate in the challenge. We were free to create whatever we wanted using the tags.

I made a set of notecards with a quote about evidence and love. 

Notecards - Truth, Evidence and Love

By: HappyHoundCreative

And here is what the rest of the group came up with - so much creativity!!

police evidence tag earrings - silver plated lever backs

By: Stockannette

ACEO Evidence Tag and Bag of Proof of My Love OOAK

By: Peppercorns2

The Evidence is in the BAR

(4 oz Hot cocoa Goats milk Soap)
By: Countysoapsbymarlen

Evidence Police Seals Glass Candle Holder Votive OOAK

By: Stockannette

A CLASSIC CASE OF WHODUNNIT evidence team challenge card


Evidence of a Rough Day - Set of 4 Blank Note Cards


mini book or journal with police evidence tag on cover

By: Stockannette

Evidence of My Love - Silver Asymmetrical Necklace

By: laruefashions

The Evidence Was Written On The Wall - Set of 5 Matchbooks

( I can't figure out why the picture is so small - but please click on the link above and read about this particular item!!)
By: DoodleVintagePlus

Romeo and Juliet Collage, S.N.E.A.K. Team Evidence Challenge


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  1. Happy, you did an awesome job posting these on your blog! How fun to see what creative minds there are.

  2. Love your card! Thanks for posting this!

  3. How cute! I love your notecard! Some great ideas here!

  4. Happy, you are so on it! Very cool. Thanks for all your hard work.


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